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Fuente Mayor Hotel Resort
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Fuente Mayor Hotel Resort
Fuente Mayor Hotel Resort
Fuente Mayor Hotel Resort
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The unparalleled landscape of the Uco Valley allows direct contact with flora, fauna and territory, ideal for lovers of adventure tourism. There are countless possibilities to enjoy nature, both for those who love an outdoor picnic and for adventurers and daring athletes.
In Valle de Uco the possibilities are endless and you can consult with our staff to inform you about the different activities, such as: • Polo field
• Trekking
• Ascentions
• Rafting
• Mountain Bike
• Horseback riding
• Rock climbing
• Paragliding and Rappel
• Golf course
• Sport fishing

But also, for those who love golf and polo, a few minutes from our 4-star mountain hotel is Tupungato Winelands, a complex that offers both sports options.

The 18-hole golf course is one of the most original in the world, as it has been designed in risk and reward strategies, respecting the native vegetation and the natural environment.


Dawn in the Uco Valley is one of the most beautiful experiences that tourists can access in Mendoza. Its mountains, pure air and vineyards are the perfect setting for lovers of the good life.

In addition to the excellent service provided by the 4-star mountain hotel, the visitor has the opportunity to tour the vineyards of Fuente Mayor Hotel & Casino Resort, but also plan guided tours of the wineries and tastings conducted in the most sought-after region of the Argentine viticulture.

Today, the Uco Valley is the largest producer of high-end wines from Mendoza, a province that is part of the Great Wine Capitals, cities that are recognized worldwide for the quality of their wines and terroirs.

In the three departments that make up the Uco Valley, San Carlos, Tunuyán and Tupungato, there are wineries awarded for their Malbec, Torrontés, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Bonarda and Sauvingnon Blanc and blends, but also for the architecture of their wineries, which are part of the tour "Caminos del Vino", such as Salentein, Andeluna, Atamisque, La Azul, O Fournier, Gimenez Rilli, La Azul, J & F Lurton, Monteviejo, Clos de los 7, Flechas de los Andes, Ernesto Catena Vineyards, Antucura, Diamandes, Finca La Celia, San Polo, Altus, among others. These wineries in Mendoza have famous wines, many of them made by internationally famous winemakers, such as Michel Rolland, Alberto Antonini, María Isabel Mijares and Susana Balbo.

Consult with our staff, who will help you organize your stay and tour this unique region.

• Bodegas with high technology
• Artisan wineries
• Cavas and wineries
• Tastings
• Vineyards and terroirs

Adventures of ls that you can enjoy with Fuente Mayor Hotel & Casino Resort

RAFTING: On the Tunuyán River in the pedemontano glacis zone, when it leaves the mountainous massif, starting at the base of the Dike Valley of Uco. Activity that can be done by the whole family, with a route of 7 km, 1 hour of navigation approximately with a difficulty of class III. The minimum age for this activity is 12 years and includes waterproof jacket and pants, helmet, rowing and life jacket. Teacher's guide, mini course and safety talk.

HORSEBACK RIDING: Al Manzano Histórico located 42 km from the City of Tunuyán, is the place with the greatest tourist influence in the Uco Valley. It has different services, in addition to 2 permanent museums. One Archaeological and the other Sanmartiniano, which rescues the life and work of General José de San Martín and his passage through the place in 1823.
Quebrada del Cóndor, in the Cordillera de Los Andes, Mendoza, Argentina, is La Quebrada del Cóndor. A unique place for its geographical characteristics, to enjoy both in summer and winter, for the magnificence of its landscape and the grandeur of the condors flying. Or to La Laguna del Diamante, it is located in the province of Mendoza, located 11 kilometers from the border with Chile. It owes its name to the rhomboidal figure of the Maipo volcano reflected in its waters; the landscape, splendid and wild.
The route of each ride is 5 km with a time of approximately 1 hour. It is ideal for beginners and the minimum age for this activity is 10 years. Includes teacher, horse and saddle guide.

BIKE & WINE: The wineries to visit are Aconquija, Appon and Finca Abril with lunch paired in O. Fournier. It is a route of 15 km and its duration is 2. ½ hours, its difficulty is moderate and the minimum age for this activity is 14 years. Includes teacher, bicycle and helmet guide.

VISITS TO BODEGAS: It is 1 winery to visit with tasting of 4 varietals. The wineries to visit can be: Andeluna, Salentein, La Azul, Altus, O. Fournier, Aconquija, April, Appon brothers, La Celia, Clos de los 7, Atamisque, Pulenta Estate or Altus. Its duration is approximately 1. 15hs.